Aims and Objectives

GUSDA is a charitable voluntary organisation founded in 1995. During the last 18 years, its prime purpose has been to assist in the development of sports in Guyana and of Guyanese in the UK.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To contribute to the social development of Guyanese in Guyana and the United Kingdom in the areas of sports, health, education, culture, community development and general well-being.
  2. To support skills and employment programmes that empower young people to improve their quality of life and achieve their aspirations.
  3. To support programmes and activities that seek to enhance the physical and mental well-being of Guyanese in Guyana and the United Kingdom.
  4. To support programmes that provide for the care and protection of the young and elderly and any other vulnerable groups.
  5. To engage with Guyanese organisations and communities in the Guyana and the United Kingdom and support their efforts at building effective networks.
  6. To develop programmes and activities that aim to build a more inclusive Guyanese society and develop a greater sense of nationhood.
  7. To raise funds through a range of social and recreational activities to achieve our objectives
  8. To assist in any humanitarian cause that meets the ethos of the Association, e.g. to contribute to the health or welfare of individual(s) in need.

The Association will have no political affiliation and will not encourage, nor knowingly support, in deed or by act any partisan political, racist, or anti-social group or activity.

In the furtherance of its aims and objectives, the Association shall at all times actively promote and take into consideration the principles of equal opportunity.